I am a PhD Candidate in the Economics department at Brown University in Providence, RI.  I work primarily in the areas of health economics, environmental economics, and applied microeconomics. I am on the job market this year and will be available for interviews at the AEA/ASSA annual meeting in Chicago in January, 2017.

My research focuses on the impact of environmental toxins on child and infant heath and the role of environmental policy and regulation. My dissertation explores the impact of environmental regulations, such as underground storage tank regulation and gasoline content regulation, on infant and child health.

Here is a link to my CV and Job Market Paper.

Phone:  419.392.0361

Placement Director

Emily Oster


Population Studies and Training Center (PSTC)—Demography Trainee
Spatial Structures in the Social Sciences Initiative (S4)—Senior Fellow
The Institute at Brown for Environment & Society (IBES)—Affiliate